Check Out Peter Gabriel’s Latest Track ‘I/O (Bright-Side Mix)’


Peter Gabriel has once again released a new single from his latest album ‘I/O’ on this month’s full moon.

Over the last few months, the former Genesis singer has released singles ‘Panopticom’, ‘Playing For Time’, ‘The Court’, all on the full moon of each month.

The new track ‘I/O (Bright-Side Mix)’, features the Soweto Gospel Choir, and was written and produced by Gabriel at his Real World Studios in Wiltshire, England, as well as the Beehive in London.

Check it out for yourselves below.

“interconnectness of everything”

Speaking about his latest single, Peter Gabriel released this statement.

“This month the song is “I/O” and “i/o” means “input / output.” You see it on the back of a lot of electrical equipment and it just triggered some ideas about the stuff we put in and pull out of ourselves, in physical and non-physical ways”.

He added, “That was the starting point of this idea and then trying to talk about the interconnectedness of everything. The older I get, I probably don’t get any smarter, but I have learned a few things and it makes a lot of sense to me that we are not these independent islands that we like to think we are, that we are part of a whole”.

“If we can see ourselves as better connected, still messed up individuals, but as part of a whole, then maybe there’s something to learn?”. 

Last month, Peter Gabriel also claimed that the growth in Artificial Intelligence, means that nobody’s job is safe where the music industry is concerned.

“I’m probably just as scared [of AI] as everybody else, but I like to jump in the river rather than talk about it. … I do think about it quite a lot, and I think not enough people are thinking about it”, Gabriel told Yahoo News.

“And it would be great to get ahead [of it]. You know, this is something that’s going have way more impact than the Industrial Revolution and the nuclear bomb”, he continued. “So, if we don’t start anticipating what it might do, it’s going to be too late, because it’s very fast”.

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