Coldplay Prove That They Are Super Sound And Invite A Fan Onstage To Play With Them


At their gig in Germany on Tuesday night, Coldplay made a fan’s dreams come true.

They invited 19-year-old Ferdinand Schwartz to join them on stage during their headline performance at Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

The gig was subject to heightened security measures following the terror attacks in the UK over recent weeks and some fans missed the start of the show due to those increased precautions.

However, Coldplay made at least one fan extremely happy! Front man Chris Martin was playing piano on a smaller stage in the middle of the crowd when he spotted one fan holding up a sign that read: “Can I play ‘Everglow’ for you?”

Being absolutely awesome Martin took him up on his offer and invited Ferdinand Schwartz on stage to perform the track.

Ferdinand makes his way the stage and goes to take a selfie with Martin before taking a seat at the piano. But he’s stopped by Martin who assures him that there would be enough pictures and videos taken from the crowd. Fair point.

“You know where it starts?” Martin asked the fan as Schwartz began to play the introduction in front of a packed stadium of 70,000 fans! Lucky he didn’t get stage fright!

“Oh s~*#, I might as well go home now,” proclaims the singer, who then accompanied Schwartz on the track.

Coldplay will headline Croke Park next moht, on Saturday July 8th 2017. Start making your banners lads!

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk