Croker Crossing To Be Known As ‘Bloody Sunday Bridge’

Dublin - Croke Park - 'Bloody Sunday Bridge'
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Dublin City Council’s Commemorations & Naming Committee has approved a proposal to name the bridge over the Royal Canal at Russell Street ‘Bloody Sunday Bridge‘.

The naming of the bridge is to mark the events of Bloody Sunday, 21st November 1920, when Crown forces opened fire on the crowd at a match in Croke Park between Dublin and Tipperary.

Following 90 seconds of shooting, 14 people were dead or dying, with many more wounded.

The first victims that afternoon were Perry Robinson (11) and Jerome O’Leary (10), both of whom were shot dead from the bridge by British forces.

The results of an online survey launched by Dublin City Council found that 52.9pc were against the name Bloody Sunday Bridge and 46.4 were in favour. Comments from the public called the name “divisive”, “too graphic” and “inflammatory” according to the Irish Independent.

The motion to rename the bridge was first made by Independent councillors Cieran Perry and Nial Ring in November 2020.