Damon Albarn Goes Swimming With Sharks


Blur’s frontman Damon Albarn apparently has a huge phobia of sharks, don’t we all, so he took the most logical step and decided to venture into the sea with them.

The singer went swimming with 20-foot long sharks for a new documentary in Western Scotland.

The show is titled ‘In Search of the Holy Tail’ – for BBC Radio 4 and takes place on Isle of Mull at the Western Isles.

There he swam with basking sharks, seals, and observed the island’s sea eagles and ducks.

Albarn is joined by filmmaker Ceri Levy and radio DJ Marc Riley, to record the dramatic event for a BBC radio programme. He also composes a new piece of music using the echoes of the ocean in the coastal caves.

Speaking to the Press and Journal, nature reserve officer Dave Sexton said: “I think Damon is probably the coolest guest we have had here to see the eagles – at least as far as my daughters are concerned.”

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“He may have had a wild life as a rock star but Mull’s wildlife seemed to win him round. He loved the eider ducks on Loch na Keal which reminded him of watching them near his house in Iceland. It should be an interesting programme.”

“He seemed in his element, very chilled, and enjoying what he was seeing. He’s not a mad twitcher by any means but clearly enjoys the peace and quiet as a change to the wild rock star life.”

As a dramatic finale, Albarn and Riley try to overcome their shark phobias, by diving into the Mull sea and audaciously swim with the intimidating basking sharks.