Daryl Hall To Support Billy Joel At This Year’s BST Hyde Park


Billy Joel will be supported by Daryl Hall at this year’s BST Hyde Park performance, it has been confirmed.

Taking place on July 7, the Canadian singer will be joined on stage by Oates for his live appearance at the London Festival.

This year’s show will also include headlining performances from Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band, Guns N’Roses, along with Take That and P!nk who will be supported by Gwen Stefani.

Tickets are available here.

Daryl Hall Releases Album ‘BeforeAfter Out’

Last April, Daryl Hall released his first ever solo album.

The album which was titled ‘BeforeAfter Out’, also included live performances from Daryl’s House webcasts.

The album also saw Dave Stewart peform classic Eurythmics track ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’, along with a live cover from Todd Rundgren of his track ‘Can We Still Be Friends’ .

The tracklist is as follows.

Disc One:
1. Dreamtime
2. Babs and Babs
3. Foolish Pride
4. Can’t Stop Dreaming
5. Here Comes The Rain Again (Live From Daryl’s House) with Dave Stewart
6. Someone Like You
7. Talking to You (Is Like Talking to Myself)
8. Sacred Songs
9. Right as Rain
10. Survive
11. North Star (Live From Daryl’s House) with Monte Montgomery
12. In My Own Dream (Live From Daryl’s House)
14. What’s Gonna Happen to Us

Disc Two:
1. Love Revelation
2. Fools Rush In
3. I’m in a Philly Mood
4. Send Me
5. Justify
6. Borderline
7. Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You
8. Eyes for You (Ain’t No Doubt About It)
9. The Farther Away I Am
10. Why Was It So Easy
11. Can We Still Be Friends (Live From Daryl’s House) with Todd Rundgren
12. Cab Driver
13. Our Day Will Come (Live From Daryl’s House)
14. Laughing Down Crying (Live From Daryl’s House)
15. Problem with You (Live From Daryl’s House)
16. Neither One of Us (Wants To Be the First to Say Goodbye) (Live From Daryl’s House)

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