Dave Grohl Discusses Influences For New Music


Dave Grohl has said that the new Foo Fighters album was influenced by Donald Trump and the current political wave in America.

The frontman spoke to Kerrang about how becoming a father has made him more aware of everything happening in the world.

Grohl said “I look at all of the different periods of time where I’ve written lyrics, and they all have their own references and different phases.” Explaining,  “This one came out pretty clear: I’m a father now, I have to consider a lot more than I used to, and I think I’ve realised we’re not all as free as we were before”

He describes the run up to the most recent presidential election saying, “it became clear that there was so much more threatening all of our lives than I’d considered before.”

“I’m looking at a candidate that has blatant disregard for the future environmentally, when it comes to women’s rights, diplomatically…I have three daughters that are going to survive me for decades – how are they going to get on unless there’s some positive and progressive change?”

The musician compares his feelings now to those he had growing up. He says “I was one of those little freaks in his blue bedroom in the middle of a really conservative part Virginia feeling like I was just an alien. I started feeling that way again.”

The Foo Fighters are set to release Concrete & Gold on 15th September.

Photo Cred: Stephen Eckert