The Eagles Take Legal Action Against Bootlegger


I think it’s fair to say that the law firm that represents The Eagles, really enjoys having them as a client, the band have filed yet another lawsuit against a bootlegger.

The Eagles have accused a man of screening an unauthorised rare concert film at a cinema in Connecticut, New York, earlier this year.

Rolling Stone reports that band members Don Henley and Glenn Frey are suing gig archivist William Shelley after he allegedly “refused” to pull the screening of unlicensed footage earlier this year.

The band are suing Shelley for copyright violation, breaking US anti-bootlegging laws and claim that he is trying to “bolster his reputation as a purported music industry ‘insider’ with close connections and ties to many classic rock greats.”

Shelley’s company, Shelley Archives, have already screened unseen footage of many acts including public screenings of the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd. It is estimated that Shelley has 100,000 reels of film collected since the 1970s.

Shelley Archives insists that the organisation’s primary goal is to preserve as many film and music clips as they can.

The lawsuit has been submitted to the Brooklyn Federal Court. We await to hear the fate of the bootlegger.

The Eagles are well known for filing injunctions and lawsuits, over the past five years they’ve sued or at least threatened to take legal action against R&B singer Frank Ocean, American indie rock band Okkervil River and a US Senate candidate.

If you like being sued, just mildly offend the lads from the Eagles, they’ll no doubt oblige you.