Dave Grohl Wanted PJ Harvey to Sing Nirvana Songs in London



Who knew Dave Grohl was a big PJ Harvey fan? That seems to be the case, as the Foo Fighters frontman recently revealed that he wanted to try to get the English singer to croon on a couple of Nirvana songs during Grohl’s Sound City Players show in London.Dave Grohl was hoping PJ Harvey would jam to some Nirvana songs during a recent London gig

“Someone came up with the idea of doing a Nirvana song with PJ Harvey,” he told NME.  “[Late Nirvana frontman] Kurt [Cobain] loved her and we love her and…I said: ‘…What if we were to do “Milk It” from “In Utero” with Polly singing?’ We all looked at each other like, ‘Woah, that would be amazing…’ and then she couldn’t do it!”

Grohl isn’t really a fan of performing Nirvana music these days. He says that he treats the music he wrote with Nirvana as “sacred ground” and that those who head to his upcoming shows with Foo Fighters or Sound City Players — the latter being the band he’s put together featuring artists who appear in his “Sound City” documentary — won’t be hearing any Nirvana cover tunes.

“If we were ever to do something like that it would have to be right because you want to pay tribute,” he said. “There’s a reason Foo Fighters don’t do Nirvana songs, and it’s a good reason.”