Dave Grohl’s Favourite Bar Launching The World’s First Online Pub


The Crobar, the legendary rock bar is launching the world’s first online pub.

The bar is a favourite of Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl. It confirmed in September that it would be closing due to lost earnings during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the bar recently raised £40,000 from a crowdfunder.

An additional £30,000 has also been raised. They aim to launch in a new location in central London when this pandemic ends. What a party that will surely be!!

Other famous musicians to have frequented the bar over the years also include Alice Cooper and Slash.

Virtual bar allows people to “have a natter, lift their spirits and be themselves”

Yesterday, the Crobar launched this online pub. The owner Richard Thomas described this as “an opportunity to help his customers and anybody else who wants to join in by creating a secure and controlled space where anybody is welcome to have a natter, lift their spirits and be themselves”.

This Crobar Virtual Pub will be available online every Friday from 3pm to Saturday 3pm. Check it out here.

Customers will only need to register once, to gain access to every event. People will be able to create their own tables or move around other tables in groups of eight.

Even when the pubs re-open, the virtual bar will remain available for people still affected by the pandemic.

Fundraising is also still active. Donations from the likes of Judas priest and Rival Sons are still available in the raffle. More information here.

“No mean feat”

The bar’s owner Richard Thomas also had this to say.

“My customers are my priority and without them we’d not have reached the fantastic amount of £70K- that’s £30K since January 29 – which is no mean feat!”. 

He added, “But since we closed down our physical location and started this crowdfund, the amount of people who have shared how much loss they’ve felt since that fateful facebook post is immeasurable”. 

“It’s why, with the help and hard work of some techy fans, we were able to set up an online pub to recreate that ‘safe zone’ where people can chat, giggle and share stories without judgement and reattune their social skills again! They are free to create their own tables or float around other tables with groups of up to 8″.

“Our three pilot tests before the launch worked so well because we’re all dealing with practically the same struggles. I am so grateful to be of some service to the punters who require this outlet; furthermore, the feedback I’m getting is that it’s fun and people are making new friends!”. 

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