David Byrne Shares Video With Detroit Teens Singing New Song


David Byrne obtained the help of The Detroit School of the Arts’ Vocal Jazz ensemble for his latest single and video ‘Everybody’s Coming To My House.’ The song is taken from his latest album, American Utopia.

In the video below we see a group of high school students in the home of their choir director, Cheryl Valentine (Ms V), working on the song. Student Justin Malone-Horton, confessed that when the kids first heard the song,

“Half of us were like, ‘This song is OK,’ then a quarter of us were like, ‘Oh My Gosh! Who did this?’  Then, when we actually read the sheet music and did it, it just felt like a moment of togetherness.’

At the end of the video, when Ms. V asks what they think, the singers call it a ‘bop,’ and one choir member explains, ‘if you don’t know what that is, a bop is a really cool song that we like.’

In the video’s Youtube description, ‘The streaming royalties from this video will go to Detroit School of Arts, who were also given a stipend for their participation and hard work in this project.’

Here’s the choir working on David Byrne’s ‘Bop’,

And here’s the song in full,