David Crosby to undergo urgent surgery


David Crosby, songwriter and guitarist, has postponed his solo tour amid the results of routine tests which have revealed he was at risk of suffering a heart attack.

The 72 year old musician has vowed to be back in action in time for the Crosby, Stills and Nash tour that will begin on March the 4th.

A statement released says:
“At the urging of his doctor, on Friday, February 14, David underwent a cardiac catheterisation and angiogram, based on the results of a routine cardiac stress test”.

“David is expected to have a full recovery. He did not have a heart attack – though it is certain that had he chosen to ignore his doctor’s urgent recommendation, it would have led to one.”

Crosby has commented:
“I’m very glad I listened to my doctors and my family. It seems I am once again a very lucky man. I’m sorry to have to move the dates, but I promise the music will be good when we do play them.”

In the past the veteran musician has had a number of health scares relating to alcohol and drug addiction that have accumulated over the years. In 1994 he underwent a liver transplant and sffers with Diabetes and Hepatitis C.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine last year he said:
“I could have easily died at so many points in my past. It happened to my friends – Jimi, Janis, Cass. Sometimes I wonder, ‘Why me?’ I made the same mistakes everyone else made.”

In January he released the album Croz, which was his first solo album in 20 years, he has described it as:
“a complete departure from any place I’ve been before.”

He intends to bring his solo tour to the UK whenever possible.