Dublin Bus Seek To Recruit More Women Drivers


Dublin Bus are looking to recruit more female drivers, as they seek to double the number of women drivers it employs.

As it stands, 6% of employees are female, with figures showing that one in 10 of the semi-state company’s workers are women.

The statistics released by the company also state that the workforce is predominantly male, with 91.7% (3,780), and 8.3% (342) females.

193 of 342 workers (6.1%) are female drivers, with 2951 (93.9%) are male.

There are also 170 male mechanics working for Dublin Bus, but no female ones.

‘More Mná Female Recruitment Drive’ 

Dublin Bus have now launched a recruitment drive, aimed at employing more women drivers, called ‘More Mná Female Recruitment Drive’.

This campaign is also accompanied by new research into gender roles, stereotypes, along with women in the workforce.

On the drive, Dublin Bus Talent Development and Diversity Manager Vivienne Kavanagh had this to say.

“We are so proud to have achieved our previous goal of doubling the number of female drivers at Dublin Bus since our female recruitment drive in 2019, but we want to double it again”, she said.

This campaign was also inspired by other facts such as, a quarter of Irish women did not apply for a driving job for the company, as it was viewed as a “man’s job”. 

According to research conducted for Dublin Bus Bounce Insights, 25% of Irish women were discouraged from applying for the job, due to historical attitudes seeing certain roles as a “man’s job”.

Dublin Bus have confirmed that they will run a series of open days, encouraging women to apply for jobs with their company.

These open days will run from March to May 2024, where attendees can meet current female drivers and inspectors. They will also be given the chance to drive a training bus, with an instructor present.

Attendees will also get a tour of Dublin Bus Central Control Centre, and learn about the recruitment process for bus drivers, as well as the benefits of working there.

The open days will take place on 2 March, 23 March, 13 April, and 18 May. Further information and registration information is accessible on their website.