Check Out The Exciting New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s World War II Drama ‘DUNKIRK’


There’s lots of fantastic blockbusters to see this Summer. Another one to put into your diary is the new World War II drama ‘DUNKIRK’, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. A new trailer for the movie has just been released and it is intense, dramatic and extremely fast-paced.  

DUNKIRK tells the true story of the World War II rescue operation, in which thousands of Allied and British troops were surrounded and trapped on a beach by enemy forces. Citizens of the area tried to help them escape and survive the trapping.

Compared to previous trailers of the upcoming movie, this dramatic trailer focuses the viewer’s attention to the intense fight that the soldiers put up. View it here: 

Along with being written and directed by the brilliant Christopher Nolan, the movie also features an impressive cast.

DUNKIRK stars:
Oscar Nominee TOM HARDY (‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, ‘The Revenant‘)
Oscar Winner MARK RYLANCE (‘Bridge of Spies’, ‘The BFG‘)
Multiple Oscar Nominee KENNETH BRANAGH (‘Valkyrie’, ‘Frankenstein‘)
Golden Globe Nominee CILLIAN MURPHY (‘Inception’, ’28 Days Later‘)
JAMES D’ARCY (‘Master and Commander’, ‘Cloud Atlas‘)
JACK LOWDEN (‘A United Kingdom’, ’71‘)
BARRY KEOGHAN (‘71′, ‘Traders‘)
ANEURIN BARNARD (‘Citadel’, ‘Ironclad‘)
& Musician HARRY STYLES 

Special 70mm engagement tickets went on sale yesterday, with the rest of the tickets available on Friday. These tickets probably won’t be as in demand as Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’, but we’re sure they’ll sell out!

‘DUNKIRK’ is released in cinemas on 21st July in 70mm, 35mm and IMAX.