Eddie Van Halen Is Being Honoured With A New Set Of Guitars


The late Eddie Van Halen is to be honoured in a brand new range of guitars created by EVH, the company he helped set up.

The reimagined 5150 series consists of nine new guitars that will be released early this year.

They have been built for speed and comfort and will come in a variety of colours including neon pink. The guitars also range in prices from €535 to €1,400 and can be purchased here.

In a statement announcing the new guitars, EVH said “The industry saw record guitar-playing interest in 2020 but also sadly said goodbye to one of the most innovative and influential players of its time.”

“Eddie Van Halen’s singularly inventive style inspired an entire generation of players. He innovated not only in how he played but what he played and what he played through by creating some of the greatest guitars and amps the world has seen and heard.”

The new guitars have a Stratocaster style body with a deeper body curve and they feature specifications that Eddie Van Halen made himself. They include bolt-on quarter-sawn carved maple necks, and a 12 to 16 inch compound radius fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets. They are all powered by direct-mount EVH Wolfgang bridge and neck humbucking pickups.

Also included in the new range are two Wolfgang special guitars and four Wolf WG standard variants. The former pair of guitars are similar to the 5150 range and the WG Standard variants are entry-level models, suitable for beginners. They feature a baked maple neck and fingerboard with standard EVH Wolfgang humbuckers.

Eddie Van Halen passed away last October following a lengthy battle with lung cancer as well as many other health issues including suffering a stroke, pneumonia, the bone marrow disorder myelodysplastic syndrome and skin cancer.

Last month, Radio Nova reported that Brian May and Eddie Van Halen once collaborated on a sci-fi themed EP. You can check out our report and some of the songs they created together here.

Photo credit @EVH gear on Twitter.