Excitement Builds As Night And Day Confirm Stage Times


Popular Roscommon festival Night and Day have just announced their stage times for this year’s line up.

Night and Day is a festival which takes place in a relaxed environment, catering to children, parents and friends alike.

The festival which takes place in the county’s Lough Key Forest Park, running from 28-30 June, has become one of the best small festivals in the country.

Along with music, festivalgoers can also enjoy activities including kayaking, zip-lining, and more at Lough Key Forest Park.

“We are incredibly excited to share the stage times with our attendees.  With such a fantastic lineup, we know our festivalgoers will have an amazing time experiencing the diverse musical acts we have curated”, festival director Brendan Hurley said.

“As in previous years, we have staggered stage times so attendees won’t have to choose between their favourite acts”. 

Check out the schedule below.


20:00 The Mersey Beatles (2 hour set)

18:30: GroveLine


22:30: Damien Dempsey

20:30: Ash

19:00: The Undertones

17:30: The 4 Of Us

16:00: Gemma Hayes

14:30: DeaMatrona


22:30: Bell X1

20:30: Mick Flannery

19:00: Frank & Walters

17:30: Susan O’Neill

16:00: Cry Before Dawn

14:30: Mik Pyro

13:00: Ensemble 32

Luna stage:


01:00: Colin Perkins

23:00: Nialler9

22:15: Dark Isle

19:15: Mayfield Soung

18:00: Arlene

17:00: The Regulars


01:30: Efa O’Neil

00:00: Kelly Anne Byrne

21:30: Daoiri Farrell Trio

19:45: Ailbhe Reddy

16:45: Kynsy

15:15: Still Blue

13:45: The Kates

13:00: The Aftermath

12:15: Mart


01:30: Elll

00:00: Mark Wolfson

21:30: Morgana

19:45: Chalk

18:15: Deathmilkshake

16:45: Mega Trad

15:15: Roisin El Cherif

13:45: Last Apollo

12:30: Shark School

11:45: Music Generation