Exclusive: Photo Reveals Further Proof Of A New AC/DC Album!

Exclusive: Photo Reveals Further Proof Of A New AC/DC Album!

A new photo has surfaced online that reveals further proof of a new AC/DC album on the cards. This time the image shows AC/DC laughing with their engineer, Mike Fraser. The band’s recording engineer has been sighted at a Vancouver studio as well as members of the band. The photo is available below…

Writer Steve Newton started the rumour mill turning earlier this month when he received a tip-off from a fan who claimed he had met the band in Vancouver. Newton, a journalist at The Georgia Straight was told by the fan about his supposed interactions with the two rockers on August 1st. Although there was no audio or photos of the meeting, the journo stood by the tipster.

Confirmation then came when the first photo of the band at the studios surfaced. Now, on his blog, Ear of Newt, Newton has posted a new photograph of Fraser with Phil Rudd and Brian Johnson laughing on the outside deck of The Warehouse taken by fans Glenn Slavens and Crystal Lambert. According to Newton, “The dynamic Vancouver duo, [Slavens,Lambert], he has the camera, she has the pad, have shared another photo with Ear of Newt that furthers the idea that everybody’s fave hard-rock band is working on a new album.”

Engineer Fraser, has worked on AC/DC’s last three studio records, 2000’s “Stiff Upper Lip”, 2008’s “Black Ice” and 2014’s “Rock Or Bust” – at the very same Warehouse studio owned by rocker Bryan Adams.  Meanwhile, speculation grows over who will be taking over on bass duties since the retirement of Cliff Williams in 2016.

Photo With Kind Permission:  Glenn Slavens and Crystal Lambert

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