Stealing Steely Dan? Fagen Sues Walter Becker Estate


The late Walter Becker’s family are in a legal battle over ownership of the band’s name with Donald Fagen.

Donald Fagen co-founder of Steely Dan is suing the etstate of his former bandmate, Walter Becker, over ownership of the band’s name.

Becker passed away in September and the case is centred around a 1972 buyout agreement all signed by the band’s members.

Becker and Fagen were the last remaining shareholders. Fagen’s representation claims that only four days after Becker’s passing, his estate sent a letter to Fagen.

The letter stated that the 1972 agreement ‘is of no force or effect’. It was also alleged it was intended to give 50% ownership of the band to Becker’s widow.

Fagen is suing the band’s business management firm – Nigro, Karlin, Segal, Feldstein & Bolno – accusing them of withholding accounting records.

The keyboardist has also made allegations that Becker’s estate has been operating Steely Dan’s website and refuse to share access.

Fagen is looking for $1M in damages. He also seeks a declaration from the judge that the buyout agreement is valid. That would make him the sole owner of Steely Dan’s name and all the rights that come with it.