Felder & Frampton!?


Former Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder is eyeing a collaboration with another ’70’s rock god — Peter Frampton.

Frampton and Felder have been friendly for years and first met back in the day when they were criss-crossing the country at the height of Frampton and the Eagles’ fame. Last year, Felder released his first solo album in 29 years, the critically acclaimed, Road To Forever.

Felder, who performs an Eagles-based solo show, when asked, if he would ever consider writing with Frampton, he replied  “I would love to write with him. As a matter of fact, we’ve talked indirectly through managers and booking agents of not only working together, but touringtogether. I think it’s a very compatible, kind of audience, then we can wind up playing songs together — it’d be great. So, I love Peter. I think he’s brilliant, I think he’s really the kind of legendary, historic player. He’s got such a pedigree of songs and history and his repertoire that it would be a great fit. I love Peter.”

Think he loves Peter!