Former Oasis Man Says Noel Is “Underrated”


A former Oasis member has called Noel Gallagher an “underrated guitarist” saying that he doesn’t get enough credit. Andy Bell joined Oasis in 1999 after Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan the original bassist left the group.

Bell is currently on tour with his own band Ride after they reunited earlier this year. In a recent interview he spoke about his time with Noel Gallagher and Oasis and the impact it had on him.

Andy Bell spoke with Music Radar about Noel Gallagher and his style of guitar playing saying “I just want to say that I think Noel’s really underrated as a lead guitar player.”

Bell also compared him to Stone Roses guitarist John Squire saying “His playing is like a John Squire-y thing, but there’s a lot more muscle behind it. He kind of trademarked his own style, which has become something that everyone uses now – that massively overdriven sound with quite a lot of delay on it.”

Bell also spoke about how Oasis showed that you didn’t have to have a real clean sound to get on radio. He said “Oasis definitely did change my life when I first heard them! They were like a breath of fresh air,” adding “Oasis sounding like the Jesus and Mary Chain meets the Sex Pistols and just completely blew everything out of the water!”

Photo Credit: freschwill