Further Cases Brought Against Convicted Paedophile John McClean

John McClean - Image Collins Courts

According to reports, around 28 men will be taking civil cases against former Terenure College rugby coach, John McClean. The convicted paedophile was sentenced last month for his years of abuse on young schoolboys.

The actions come on top of seven civil suits already lodged with the courts. If successful, the combined 35 claims could cost Terenure College, and the Carmelite Order, around €8.75million, on top of previous pay-outs.

Last month, McClean was sentenced to eight years in prison for the abuse of 23 students over a combined 17 years. Further sentences could follow as managing partner at Coleman Legal, Dave Coleman has been instructed by his clients to press on with further allegations.

Coleman says eight more clients have brought cases against McClean, Terenure College and the Carmelite order, with a further dozen individuals claiming to be victims of McClean. The individuals have contacted his firm and are currently liaising with solicitors.

Although Mr Coleman would not discuss details, in a statement he urged the Order and school not to drag the claimants through the courts, some of whom were involved in the criminal trial. Speaking to The Sun, Coleman said they will be calling on the Order and the school to mediate this issue “to avoid further hurt or hardship after they were brave enough to give evidence in the criminal case”.

Harringtons LLP Solicitors has been contacted by eight further alleged victims of McClean, with the firm previously settling a case from another victim. It is reported that another Dublin firm is said to have settled on behalf of another victim, prior to McClean being charged.

If these cases are settled, legal sources have indicated that each case could cost around €250,000, including legal costs. The estimate brings the total cost to around €8.75million, although that may vary depending on the settlement of each case.

The school and the Carmelite Order are potentially liable because McClean committed his crimes in the course of his employment. McClean’s offences happened from 1973 to 1990 and allegedly took place in his office, sports changing rooms, while preparing for school plays and in front of other students in the classroom.