Government Seek To Offset Rising Costs Of Living

640,000 Irish People Are Living In Poverty
Vulnerable People Are Still Living In Poverty

The Government is now considering cutting prescription fees, emergency department charges, and widening the medical card scheme to combat the rising cost of living.

Cabinet have been tasked with compiling a list of ideas and concepts over the next two weeks, with which to ease the growing pressures on households.

The Taoiseach and Tánaiste held talks with employers and unions yesterday evening.

Other measures may involve cutting car tax, passport fees, VAT on some bills and doubling next month’s €100 energy credit.

Dr Seán Healy from Social Justice Ireland says ministers need to change their priorities:

Millionaires are getting back €100 the exact same amount as people who are the poorest.

With due respects to [the Government] – they need to realise they need to realise that this particular pressure is currently experienced by everybody is especially badly hitting for the 660,000 people living in poverty.”