Guns N’ Roses Extend Their Reunion Tour


After initially only announcing a handful of dates, Guns N’ Roses have added yet more dates to their already packed tour. Unfortunately for all of us on this side of the pond, the new dates are in Latin America.

The band are currently in the middle of the Not In This Lifetime tour and have now added ten new dates to their tour as they travel across Latin America throughout October and November.

Guns N’ Roses started the tour back in June and have since headlined Coachella festival and played gigs in Las Vegas and Mexico. So far, the tour has featured two guest appearances from original drummer Steven Adler and also featured some controversy as a fan came to one of their shows with a sign saying “Where’s Izzy?”.

The promoters for the tour Live Nation recently said that it had been “an unqualified success,” even though some of the shows hadn’t sold out.

In a recent interview, Slash said that everyone had been getting along on the new tour. He also said they still can’t really believe that they’re back together, saying “We were all pretty positive that it would never happen.”

Photo Credit: Laura Cox