Haitian Government Slams Alleged Trump Comments

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Haiti’s government has condemned what it says are ‘obnoxious remarks’ allegedly made by Donald Trump.

A long-time senator insists he heard the US President use a swear word to describe the nation and African countries.

Mr Trump has denied that but the United Nations has accused him of racism.

Sky’s Mark Austin, who’s in Washington, says America is a country that prides itself on “diversity and inclusivity and equality” and their President being accused of racism “does not fit in well with that”.


Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was faced with the latest Donald Trump controversy during a live interview on Irish TV last night.

Appearing on the Late Late Show – he was asked what he thought about remarks by the President about Haiti and Africa and said “as an Irish American, someone who understands the trials and tribulations that so many Irish folks felt coming to America, I’m very proud of America’s history welcoming immigrants”.