Happy Birthday Philo!


He’s a rock legend who should have been 65 today.

Philip Parris Lynott was born on August 20th, 1949 in West Bromwich, England and went on to become “Ireland’s original rock icon”, both here and throughout the world with his solo work and with  Thin Lizzy, The Greedies and Skid Row amongst other bands.

We’ll be remembering his fantastic 1979 album with Thin Lizzy later on Nova Nights. Black Rose: A Rock Legend is the Classic Album at Midnight.

And lots of people have been remembering him on our Facebook page today:


A steady stream of fans is expected in the city centre today around the bronze Phil Lynott statue on Harry Street outside Bruxelle’s. And there’s plenty more happening around town to mark Philo’s would-be 65th. His mum, Philomena, will be answering questions at an evening of music and food on Friday. Hot Press magazine is hosting ‘Remembering Philip’ at Fallon & Byrne with live music from David Geraghty (Bell X1), Gavin James and many more.

Email [email protected] for tickets.

Saturday night sees The Bash For Philo at The Button Factory where tribute acts Dizzy Lizzy, Just Lizzy (from Sweden) and Black Rose (from the UK) will be live on stage, as well as Phil’s uncle, Peter Lynott, who’ll be performing a song he wrote for Philo. Oh and there’ll also be a giant bass guitar cake!
Tickets from www.ticketmaster.ie

Rock In Peace, Philo!

PS: It’s pronounced Lie-nott, not Lynn-ott..check out the proof!