Teens Land €1.3 Million Record Deal


Think twice next time you shout at your teenager to “Shut up and keep it down”.

The band, Unlocking the Truth, may not be a household name but they’ve signed a €1.3 million deal with Sony Records.

The three lads hail from Brooklyn, New York. The teen metal group consists of, drummer Jarad Dawkins (12), guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse (13) and bassist Alec Atkins (13).

Last summer the Brooklyn boys were busking in Times Square for nickels, dimes and dollar bills. The performance was filmed, posted on YouTube and went viral. The young trio turned the exposure in to a gargantuan €1.3 million contract.

Unlocking the Truth have played at gigs all over America, including appearances at Coachella festival in California, opening for Guns N’ Roses in Las Vegas and Queens Of The Stone Age.

12-year-old drummer Jarad Dawkins told New York Daily News:

“I’m so excited! We’ve made it! We were discovered on YouTube. After that we started getting calls and performing more and as we performed we got bigger and bigger.”

The metal trio claim they have enough music to complete three albums. They are heading into the studio this summer to record their first EP. Inspirations for the Brooklyn boys include, Slipknot and Metallica.

The band says on their website:

“The goal is to become one of the world’s best metal bands, and with their music, they want people to know that they could do what they want, no matter who they are, or what people say. Just be free as you want to be!”

Moral of the story, go buy your child an instrument now!