A Helmet That Translates Your Brainwaves Into Music


Most of us are music fans, however not all of us posses the dedication and skill that’s required to learn how to play an instrument, but that is all about to change.

If you sound like a dying cat when you sing, if you lack the motivation and aptitude to create music, don’t worry, a London artist has designed a helmet that will turn your brainwaves into music.

The amazing invention titled the ‘Experience Helmet’ was created by an artist named Aiste Noreikaite. The idea for the helmet came about from Buddhist meditation practices.

So how does it work? The helmet uses EEG electroencephalography (the recording of electrical activity along the scalp), and translates that brain activity into individual sounds.

Noreikaite explains that the sound that’s translated is an “audible reflection of one’s personal experience of the present moment.”

Speaking about the ‘Experience Helmet’ to The Creators Project, Noreikaite said, “The user hears the sound that is being generated by his brainwaves. The brainwaves recognise themselves in that sound and react to it very positively, then this is looped back to them via sound again and again.”

How do we know what kind of sound we will produce? Aiste says that if the user puts on the helmet with a clear sate of mind, he/she will create a higher sound that’s more calm and relaxing. If you think of something in particular or focus on a certain subject, the sounds become faster and more rhythmic.