Hollywood’s Latest Offering Sees Massive Gorilla Scrap Radioactive Monster

Godzilla v. Kong 2021. Courtesy of Warner Bros

The trailer for Godzilla vs Kong sees a movie described as the grand culmination in a cinematic universe, of where the biggest, most iconic creatures in movie history, prepare to beat the bejeepers out of one another.

After the year we’ve all had, the act of watching the Godzilla vs Kong trailer was actually a relief, no seriously it was.

There’s something so relaxing about how unapologetically stupid it is. To see King Kong jump off an exploding boat like he’s auditioning for a 1990s Steven Seagal film.

Take a look…

Some people may in fact, want to see a film emblazoned with mythology and well-drawn characters, like when these characters first emerged way back in the 1920’s, but in covid addled 2021, where movies are superflous, and more tellingly, cinema visits are no more it seems, than its ok if the movie just sees the protagonists go at it and more specifically sees Kong punch Godzilla in the mouth for two hours.
A still from Godzilla vs Kong
Courtesy of Warner Bros

Leave all your expectations at the door and embrace the sheer laziness of it all and the pointless battle of two immense man-made contrived metaphors for profound human failures. Godzilla vs Kong hits HBO Max on 26 March.