Imagine Dragons Imagine Success..



Fresh from 2 sold out shows in Dublin,

Billboard magazine chose Imagine Dragons and their ‘Breakthrough Band of 2013’, and Rolling Stone magazine called their single ‘Radioactive’ “the biggest rock hit of the year”.

The Las Vegas-based band has quite an eclectic taste and was influenced by a number of different rhythms and sounds.

Ben McKee, the group’s bassist, said: “We’re a rock band that really likes to experiment, really likes to be open minded. We listen to a lot of different kinds of music. So we try to allow ourselves to be open to being influenced as far as different instrumentation, different melodic ideas, different song structures from different kinds of music. Whether we see a mandolin at a folk show or a taiko drum at a Cirque du Soleil show. Those are all things that we take in and experiment with”.

During their tour they stopped in Nashville, Tennessee to play with the Nashville Session Players Orchestra under conductor Jim Gray.

Drummer Daniel Platzman could not resist bringing in the sound of the Japanese Taiko drums.

On incorporating new sounds into their music, he said: “As we get to travel the world to play music, we are always on the look, on the hunt for new instruments, especially new drums. We are always looking for new sounds. We are pretty obsessive.”

Imagine Dragons is currently on world tour to promote debut album ‘Night Visions’.

They just played 2 sold out nights at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.