Jack Osbourne Says Ozzy Is Among The Greats


Jack Osbourne has praised his dad Ozzy Osbourne in a new interview saying he is “among the Paul McCartneys and Mick Jaggers of the world” in terms of his success.

Jack was speaking to Collider about the upcoming documentary “The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne” and says that he sees his father as being among “a very unique, small group of entertainers”.

“It’s a very small class of people. When you look at his peers, which he wouldn’t consider his peers ‘cause he just doesn’t think that way, he really is amongst the Paul McCartneys and Mick Jaggers of the world. He would never consider himself to be in that group, but he is, and it’s a dwindling group of entertainers”.

Jack also said that he hopes that The Nine Lives… will show people that Ozzy “isn’t just a one-dimensional figure, if they ever thought that he was”.