Joy Divisions’ Peter Hook Defends Orchestral Concert With The Band’s Music


The Peter Hook & Manchester Camerata – Joy Division Orchestrated concert will be held at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 5 July, 2019. The music of Joy Division has been performed by orchestras often over the years. Heritage Orchestra & Scanner reworked Joy Division for Vivid Live in Sydney in 2013.

Peter Hook has defended his planned concert to perform the post punk classics with the Camerata orchestra at the special London venue.  Hooky spoke to NME about his decision to work with an orchestra on Joy Division’s music.

“The interesting thing about working with an orchestra is that most of us musicians over the years spend most of our time emulating them. Joy Division in particular with ‘Closer’ and the addition of piano, strings and synthesizers – we were basically using a cheap orchestra. The feeling was there, it was just on the cheap.”

“When I started celebrating Joy Division in 2010, the reception to the idea from keyboard terrorists was quite hostile. Then you have to prove that it’s a good idea and executed well and tastefully with the right amount of love. I shouldn’t have to defend myself, should I? Why am I defending myself for wanting to play Joy Division when I was a writer and a quarter of the band?”

“But that’s just the way that the world works. I fully expect to have to defend myself on this, but I hope that they will look at how well we’ve presented Joy Division’s music and realised that we are doing it for the right reasons – with all the heart and soul. No pun intended.”

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