Robbie Williams Thanks Fans For “Protecting” Him In Emotional Mental Health Speech


During a live performance in Amsterdam over the weekend, Robbie Williams thanked his fans for “protecting” him, as he opened up about his previous struggles with mental health.

The former Take That singer spoke to the audience about his mental health issues in an emotional speech, whilst performing in front of a capacity crowd at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome last Saturday (January 28).

“didn’t leave the house”

During the speech, Robbie Williams referred to his temporary retirement from the music industry in 2006, as well as how he contemplated suicide.

“In 2006, it got so much that I retired from the industry. Obviously, I’m still here, so that didn’t f*****g work out, but I did. And for three years, I just sat on the couch and I ate crisps, chips, and I ate donuts, and I grew a beard and I looked like a serial killer, and I looked for UFOs, which made me look even more crazy”, Williams told his fans. “I became agoraphobic and I didn’t leave the house. I only left the house for doctor’s meetings”. 

“I had no purpose and I had no life. Being on top of the world, which I was at the time, selling all of these stadiums and being in the newspapers every day… My head tells me I don’t deserve any of this. My head tells me that I’m shit and that I’m worthless”, the singer continued.

“That’s what my head tells me. And then, when you’re on top of the world, everybody wants to drag you down. The newspapers want to drag you down. Social media wants to drag you down. They just want to cut you down to size and make it not work anymore, and make it not happen”. 

“you guys want me to be well” – Williams Hails Fans

Elsewhere, Robbie Williams also paid homage to his fans, whose support kept him going during those dark times.

The singer also mentioned meeting his wife Ayda Field, as a key turning point.

“The other thing, which is true, because my brain tells me that I’m worthless and I’m an imposter and I shouldn’t be here and I don’t deserve any of this, the one thing that counteracted that, and also kept me safe, was the fact that you guys are here, and you guys like me, and you guys want me to be well”, Williams revealed.

“If it wasn’t for you, and it wasn’t for my wife, and it wasn’t for my kids now, I don’t think I’d be here. So, I’m eternally grateful to you for, in a very, very crazy, mad way, protecting me. Thank you very much”. 

Last year, it was also confirmed that a new documentary on the life of Robbie Williams was to be streamed on Netflix at some point this year. More on this from Nova here.