Keith Moon – 35 Years Gone


It was 35 years ago Saturday (September 7th, 1978) that the Who‘s drummer Keith Moon died at age 32.

Moon’s death, which was ruled accidental, was caused by an overdose of Heminevrin, a medication prescribed to help alleviate alcohol withdrawals, mixed with alcohol. According to police reports there were 32 pills found in Moon’s system, some of which were not yet dissolved.

He died while staying in Harry Nilsson‘s London apartment — which coincidentally was where “Mama” Cass Elliott had died four years earlier.

Moon was survived by his daughter Mandy and his fiancee Annette Walter-Lax.

Shortly after Moon’s death Townshend said, “Keith’s death is something that we expected for 20 years, but when it happens you just can’t take it in. I’m very upset. I’ve lost a man I loved.”

Here’s something a bit different as we think about Keith..

We spoke to Roger Daltrey on NOVA and he talked about Keith, the podcast is here.