Keith Richards Asks Justin Bieber: ‘Who The F**k Are You?’


The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards had a little run in with the bratty Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber over the New Year’s celebrations.

We all know Keith is a man that has lived many lives, tried every substance on the planet and has somehow lived to tell the tale.

In every true music fans opinion the Stones’ guitarist is a bonafide rock legend. On the other side of this story, is an annoying 20-year-old, who has created nothing in comparison to Richards.

The incident took place over New Years’s at a tiny beach bar on the luxe Parrot Cay island in Turks and Caicos.

US Weekly reports that an eye witness said: “there was an old guy throwing  drinks who said ‘Who the f**k are you?’” to the Biebmeister.

Biebs replied with the witty retort: “I don’t know, who the f**k are you?”

Richards then apparently grinned and walked away. A little while later Justin was informed by “another old guy”, who he had just had the confrontation with.

Upon hearing who the “old guy” was, Bieber mouthed: “Oh, s**t! That was Keith Richards?”

A source then said Justin tried his best “to bro down with him,” but Keith seemed “unimpressed.”

Richards then told little Biebs exactly what he needed to hear, “Let’s get one thing straight,” the guitarist said. “You’re a wannabe.”

A round of applause for Mr. Keith Richards please!