Kinahan Member Jailed For Money Laundering But The Wife & Mistress Avoid Prison

Criminal Courts Of Justice

A senior member of the Kinahan crime organisation has been handed a prison sentence of seven years and three months for money laundering.

Declan Brady stashed cash in his home at Wolstan Abbey, Celbridge, Co Kildare, and also helped launder over 1-million-euro through multiple bank accounts.

Brady, his wife Deirdre, and his girlfriend, Erika Lukacs, of Lakeland in Naas, Co Kildare, were all sentenced today for money laundering offences.

Between the three of them, €1.3m was washed through multiple bank accounts.

Cash was found in Brady’s home in Celbridge and unbeknownst to Deirdre, he was servicing Erika’s mortgage through a joint account he had with his wife, which also formed part of the garda investigation.

The Bradys also paid for a family member’s €66k wedding at the Druid’s Glen hotel.

Declan Brady was handed a sentence of seven years and three months, which will be added to a lengthy sentence he’s already serving for firearms offences, while the others were handed fully suspended sentences.

The court accepted Deirdre was a blameless character acting on the instructions of her husband, and while they said Erika must have known something was amiss, they decided it would have been harsh and disproportionate to jail her today.