Kings Of Leon Talk New Music


Kings of Leon frontman, Caleb Followill, has been speaking with Billboard about their new material, “we’re always working on music,” he said.

During a presser conference call to promote their current American tour, the lead singer spoke about a scheduled rehearsal that turned into a the creation of new songs.

“The other day we had a rehearsal and we ended up going in there and just writing music and we didn’t rehearse at all. But that’s kind of how we do it — if you put us in a room together with our instruments it’s hard for us to dwell on the past and play something we’ve played a million times.We would much rather create, so I think that what we have so far is really fun stuff.”

Caleb continued, with discussing how the time of year can affect if a song is happy or sad. “But, y’know, it depends on what time of year we make the album; if we make it in the winter time, we’ll definitely probably have some sad songs on there, too.”

Drummer Nathan Followill added that the new tracks are “being received well. We’re super excited to play the new songs every night, and it’s fun to watch the crowd reaction and see which ones they know all the words to and the ones they don’t know anything about.”

Nathan was injured in a tour bus accident the other night, when a pedestrian jumped in front of the tour bus, causing the driver to screech on the brakes, sending all the bus passengers flying. Nathan was hospitalised with broken ribs and the band had to postpone their Sunday August 10th show in Saratoga Springs, New York. He later tweeted “I’m a little banged up but will be back better than ever.”