McCartney’s Secret Admirer


Could Paul McCartney be about to feature on the new Kanye West record? Reports claim that the pair have been recording tracks together.

Apparently, the unlikely duo have become good friends over the years and may even be working on multiple songs that could see them collaborating on a whole album.

Rumours are that Macca and Kanye have been working on a song titled Piss on My Grave, hopefully it’s a working title.

During a Twitter Q&A last October, The Beatles singer admitted to be being a rap fan. He revealed that his most recent purchases at the time were Jay Z and Kanye West.

The Sun newspaper, reported that a source had said, “Kanye and Paul have known each other for a long time but have become more friendly recently. There’s every chance they’ll head into the studio together.”

The source continued, “Kanye really respects music legends and is still putting the finishing touches to his new album. He has been tapping Macca up for a while about working together.”

It has been suggested that McCartney wanted to collaborate with a rapper on the song Appreciate, from his latest album New. Macca said he “resisted the temptation to get a rapper in,” but artists like Kanye or Jay Z would have been top of his list.

Last week, McCartney played a farewell concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. Candlestick was the venue for the last ever Beatles gig on August 29, 1966. During the show, never-before-seen photos were displayed of The Beatles’ last performance. Read more about it on Nova’s website here.