Kings Of Leon Turn To Harry Styles Producer To Find A Sense Of Fun


Kings Of Leon released their ninth studio album, ‘Can We Please Have Fun’ earlier this month, with a little help from a producer who has worked with British superstar Harry Styles.

The Tennessee band worked very closely with producer Kid Harpoon on this album, a man who is renowned for working on Styles’ hugely successful album, Harry’s House.

As opposed to the straight up rock music of the band’s pervious albums, including Only By The Night, which included anthemsSex On Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’, this album appears to do exactly what it says on the tin, as it appears slightly more spirited, and of course based on having fun!

Kings Of Leon Ask ‘can we please have fun?’

Back in March, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill said that the band’s new album, left him “completely fulfilled”. 

“It was the most enjoyable record I’ve ever been a part of,”  Followill said in a statement.

Elaborating on the title, the Kings of Leon singer also added, “You know, ‘can we please have fun?’ And I meant that, like, as in can we enjoy this process and not overthink it and just get back to going in there and making music that made us happy, and never consider the outcome, you know?”,

“Let’s not think about what we’ve done in the past that was successful – or what we’ve done in the past that wasn’t successful – let’s just think about right here, right now. What makes you excited? And that is what we did. We went in there, and to the point of the end of the album, we just like, ‘man, we still have more”. 

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Kings of Leon also touch down on Irish shores for a live show at Dublin’s Marlay Park on July 6 as part of their tour.

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