Knoxville To Step Back from Jackass Stunts Following Brain Haemhorrage


Johnny Knoxville has explained why he is stepping back from future Jackass stunts.

In an exclusive interview, the actor has revealed that medical advice has pushed him to take the decision to step behind the camera for future stunts.

Knoxville is of course no stranger to the treacherous stunt over the years.

“going to be the last time”

Speaking to NME, Knoxville claimed that the recent installment of Jackass will be the last set of stunts that he will take part in.

Jackass Forever was released in cinemas earlier this month. It also led to Knoxville sustaining a broken wrist and ribs after being knocked into the air by a bull.

He also suffered concussion, which ultimately led to his brain haemhorrage.

“We backload my most dangerous stunts to the end of the film”, Knoxville said. “So I had two or three more stunts left to do, big ones, but after that I couldn’t”. 

He also added, “The doctor’s like, ‘no way, you can’t, you’ve had 16 concussions, you’ve just had a terrible concussion, your brain is scrambled right now.’ And I was like, alright, so those got kicked to the side”. 

When asked if he will have the will power to stay away from such dangerous stunts in the future, Johnny Knoxville added, “[Jackass co-creator] Jeff Tremaine is convinced I can’t. I hope I can but I don’t know”. 

Earlier this month, the man himself stopped for a chat with our very own Clint Drieberg to discuss all things Jackass. Check that interview out here.

“something irreversible happens”

Back in January, Knoxville had already detailed plans to retire from this successful if not crazy franchise after a brain haemhorrage was suffered following Jackass Forever.

You can only take so many chances before something irreversible happens. I feel like I’ve been extremely lucky to take the chances I’ve taken and still be walking around”, he said.

My cognitive abilities were in steep decline after that hit,”, Knoxville said referring to being knocked up in the air by the bull.

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