Too Late For Peter Casey To Pull Out Of Presidential Race


Peter Casey says he doesn’t want to become President if people think he’s a racist.

The businessman’s considering pulling out of the race and won’t campaign this weekend.

But it’s too late for him to officially withdraw and his name will be on the ballot paper for next Friday’s election.


Peter Casey’s been criticised for making controversial comments about Travellers, describing them as “not an ethnic minority”.

The remarks have drawn heavy criticism with some branding them borderline racist.

Peter Casey denies that – but says he’s now taking the weekend to consider his future in the race.

But Mr Casey can’t actually withdraw from the race.

It’s too late now for a candidate to back out and the government has confirmed his name will appear on the ballot paper next Friday regardless of what he does.

He can tell people don’t vote for me, but they’ll still have the option.

Peter Casey has also hit out at Leo Varadkar telling people not to support him.