Latest Oasis Teaser Video Excites Fans Over Possible Reunion


Oasis have shared a new teaser video, leading to a frenzy amongst fans over a possible reunion.

The Britpop giants shared a vintage looking video online, without a caption or any other information, sparking huge excitement among fans of the band.

Some fans have even stated that footage from the video suggests a picturesque setting akin to the Sawmills Studio in Cornwall, where Oasis recorded sessions for their debut album from 1994, ‘Definitely Maybe’. 

Other fans feel that this video could signal that an upcoming reissue of the album to mark it’s 30th anniversary, could be on the cards.

“the place where it all started”

Following the release of this video, which you can check out here, comments from fans offering theories at what it means, were flowing in.

“It’s where they recorded ‘Definitely Maybe’, it will be something to do with the 30th anniversary”, one fan commented.  Another added, “That’s the place where it all started”. 

Another chimed in: “It’s Sawmills Studio where most of the album was recorded…”. 

While some fans suggested it could mean that a reissue was on the horizon, others have held out hope over a possible Oasis reunion, who famously split up in 2009.

One fan wondered: “This is as cryptic as the Gallagher relationship.” A fan said: “Come on, don’t play with my feelings”. 

Another added, “Please tell me it’s happening”, while another wrote: “Surely it’s not happening”. 

While other fans were saying: “Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope”, another fan exclaimed: “WHAT IS THIS????”. 

“Please be happening”, added another.

Last week, former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher said that he would love an Oasis hologram show after watching ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ concert.

The musician said that he would “bang up” for a similar Oasis hologram show, inspired by the Swedish band. More on this from Nova here.