LISTEN: Colm & Lucy’s Christmas #1 With Molli


Molli Meaghan-Tresson is 5th year student who in the lead up to Christmas would normally be busking for the homeless in Dun Laoghaire and Wexford.

During an evening of busking last year, Molli even drew the attention of RTE broadcaster and host Ryan Tubridy who endorsed her on his radio show and posed for pictures. 

Ryan Tubridy - GuitarShe has donated all of her €2000 busking tips to various homeless charities over the last couple of years, but with Covid taken over this year she decided to write and record her own Christmas song

LAST CHRISTMAS (nothing to do with Wham) is out Friday November 27th with ALL money from sales on itunes going to Capuchin Day Centre for The Homeless. A significant amount of streams on Spotify will also mean some money is raised.

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The song itself, written by Molli, is from the perspective a homeless people watching the rest of us rush and fuss and get excited over Christmas while they themselves just hope to survive the cold, but it contains an element of love,defiance and christmas spirit and hope with a hint of cold reality. 

The song was produced by award winning producer and Radio Nova presenter Gavin Glass. 

Last Christmas
My hands are as cold as ice
But your hope keeps me alive
Cause I know someday our dreams will come true
Now these people they don’t know too much
They think nothing is good enough
But I know all I need is love
There’s lights everywhere so pretty and bright
And I don’t know if can get through the night
But just for now hold me dear
And make all the pain disappear
And there’s people putting up their trees
Because under there’ll be lots of things
To show how much they really care
But I’m stuck here looking in I know
We should have somewhere like this to go
I can’t help but think of the things you should have
Now we’re standing out here and it’s starting to snow
you smile for today cause we might not see a tomorrow
I give you my coat as we take shelter for the night
And together we sit here and watch the world go by
Take my hand
And we’ll dance across the land
As if this could be our last Christmas
And we’ll sing some songs
And pretend they’re singing along
Cause it might, it might, might just be our last Christmas
We’re under the mistletoe
Take one last kiss before we go
Because it probably is our last Christmas