Listen: Interpol Share A Rocking New Tune ‘Fine Mess’!


Interpol have dropped a surprise new track, ‘Fine Mess’. In a similar style to their critically acclaimed 2018 record ‘Marauder‘, this new tune is a sample of the band’s heavier, rockier catalogue.

As the NME observes this is a fine slice of “dark post-punk”. Lead singer Paul Banks tells the debauched tale of a cursed partnership in search of a decadent life.

Banks says the song is about “a sanguine and starry pair, buoyed and dashed alike by their own dreams and appetites”.

Banks sings;

My life is procreation
Well if the mood’s right, there’s some hype, some currency
So, deep breath, deep breath, keep grabbing
Well I like, my life is procreation
So I make time to rewind those memories and play
.” Check it out below.

Lead singer Paul Banks said that the latest record Marauder “is a facet of myself. That’s the guy that f**ks up friendships and does crazy shit. He taught me a lot, but it’s representative of a persona that’s best left in song. In a way, this album is like giving him a name and putting him to bed.”

Banks concludes, “This record is where I feel touching on real things that have happened to me are exciting and evocative to write about… I think in the past, I always felt autobiography was too small a thing for me to reference. I feel like now, I’m able to romanticize parts of my own life.”

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