LISTEN: Living Through The Coronavirus In China


Mikayla McGuigan Fox is an English teacher from Castleblayney living in Zheng Zhou, HeNan, China, for the past three month.

She has spent the last 15 days locked in her house due to the Coronavirus which has killed near 500 people in the country.

Mikayla has written on Facebook today….

Weird standing at my window in the middle of the day, not being able to hear anything only the odd wind chime. The silence is well and truly deafening.

I woke up this morning to a loud knock on my door. I got up, opened the door and there stood a man in a full body suit, only part of him visible being his eyes. I was a little taken aback as I had literally just woken up but I was soon reminded of the situation I’m in. Obviously didn’t understand a word he was saying to me so I had to ring my flat mate, Vika, to talk to him.

Turns out that, from today, we are only permitted to leave our houses for 3 hours every day. Between 9am and 12pm. The containment measures are becoming more rigid by the day.

Spirits aren’t too high today as the morning just didn’t start off very well. Just hoping this all comes under control soon. Also- that’s not fog above the buildings. It’s pollution.

Radio Nova has been in touch with DFA who is posting the latest information on the China page on their website and tweeting updates.

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