Mark Hamill Has Been Cast As The New Voice Of Chucky


Chucky, the sinister doll, once played by the actor Brad Dourif is set to get a new voice- lift. The new doll is set to cause havoc, this time with the vocal help of Mark Hamill known to us as Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars films.

chucky, Mark Hamill Has Been Cast As The New Voice Of Chucky

Hamill said he was happy to have been cast as Chucky in the upcoming Child’s play theatrical reboot and be able to return to voice acting, a part of the craft that he enjoys. He announced his new upcoming role last weekend on Twitter to coincide with WonderCon.

Hamill said he can’t wait to bring the iconic character to life and he hopes to present him in a way that’s never been seen before. In a pre-recorded video Hamill added “And remember, he’s more than just a toy — he’s your best friend.”

Producer David Katzenberg is said to feel incredibly lucky to have such an icon as Mark Hamill creating a new take on such an iconic character:

“Mark is a gifted actor and celebrated vocal performer, and he’s approached this challenge with incredible energy and commitment.”

The storyline will follow the same plot as in the original film with Aubrey Plaza playing the mother who gives her son a present of a toy doll but is unaware that it possesses the soul of a serial killer. The film is directed by Lars Klevberg and also stars Brian Tyree; it will be in cinemas from June 21st 2019.

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