Marshall Amplifier Bought Out By Swedish Company Zound Industries


Swedish company Zound Industries has acquired guitar amp maker Marshall Amplifier, having previously licensed the Marshall brand for its speakers and headphones.

This deal which was agreed, will allow the Marshall Family to become the largest shareholder of the newly formed Group.

It also represents the moment that the British brand and Zound Industries merge to build one of the most exciting tech firms in the world.

This deal also sees Zound Industries acquire all brands associated with Amplifier firm, including Marshall Records, Natal Drums, and Marshall Live Agency.

“game-changing deal”

This purchase by Zound Industries also builds on the strong long-term partnership that exists between them, and Amplifier firm.

“With this game-changing deal, Marshall Group will become the main challenger in our industry and the most exciting alternative to traditional players, bringing even greater innovation and value to clients, employees, and investors alike”, Henri Bodinat, chairman of Zound Industries said of this deal.

This “game-changing deal” also marks an end of the family ownership of the amps firm company. But the family will still retain 24% of this newly formed group, with founder Jim Marshall’s children Victoria and Terry on the board.

This board will also include one of Sweden’s leading entepreneur’s Konrad Bergstrom, who was a member of Marshall’s board of trustees, along with Zound Industries.

Hugely Influential in getting this deal over the line, Bergstrom also had this to say.

“I am proud that this deal has finally been completed. The success that we have achieved with the Marshall brand over recent years is soon going to be seen as having been the warm-up to a new British-Swedish headline act that is going to shake the tech and music industries to their foundations”, he said.

He also added, “Spinal Tap’ features one of cinema’s most iconic scenes when Nigel shows off how his Marshall guitar amplifier can turn ‘up to eleven’, but what we are announcing today is no parody: Marshall Group is going to go beyond established rules and limits and define a new sonic lifestyle category. We are going to Live Loud!”.