Mass Vaccination Centres To Be Set Up Across Ireland


The Irish Government’s Vaccination Task Force will bring a report before Cabinet today. This report will explain how the vaccine will be given across the country. Centralised mass vaccination centres will also be set up when Ireland gets the bulk of its vaccine doses.

The Government is also developing new software to handle the registration and bookings for people when they receive the vaccine.

The task force’s report says that Ireland is due to receive 14 million doses of the vaccine. These doses will be across five different purchase orders with companies including Pfizer BioNtech jab. See here. 

Hospitals, pharmacies and GP Offices will be used to administer the jab.

Software Set Up To Help With Vaccine Rollout:

Mobile vaccine teams will provide these jabs in nursing homes as well as other care facilities.

Pharmacies and Local GPs will be used in the latter stages of the vaccination programme. They will be used when broader sections of society have received their jabs in the early stages of the plan.

There are two stages to this strategy.

The first stage will communicate the vaccine rollout and it’s distribution plans. The second stage will encourage the public’s confidence in taking the jab.

The Government intends to use trusted experts to discard any anti-vaxxer information, and to focus on hard evidence as well as facts, to build trust.

Acting CMO, Dr Ronan Glynn has insisted people must be careful about what information they believe. Dr Glynn had said in his statement:

“Of course many people will have questions. They will no doubt be faced with rumour and misinformation, particularly online”. 

“To counter this, transparency and trust must be the cornerstone of our approach to addressing uncertainties and building confidence”. 

See more here. 

Táinsite Leo Varadkar gave the country a huge boost recently, when he said that he hopes 2021 will see an end to this Covid-19 Pandemic. He also said the key to getting people on board with taking the vaccine, is to answer their questions tactfully and to avoid patronising them.

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