Germans Spoof Britain’s “Buffoon” in Brexit Video “The Clown”


As Ireland and other EU nations continue to struggle with the minefield of diplomatic regression associated with Brexit, a German television show has taken the opportunity to rip the proverbial out of Britain with a spoof of the Netflix hit series The Crown.

Extra3, which airs on public broadcaster NDR, took aim at Boris Johnson and co with a new comedy sketch which is gong viral in Germany and now the UK.

The Clown on ‘Brexnix’ features the “epic saga” of a “notorious buffoon” who sits at the head of a country whose “inhabitants tumble down hills to catch cheese”.

It depicts the PM’s attempts to “con” Brits with his “circus acts and sleight of hand”.

But his funniest trick yet is Brexit”, the voiceover notes. “He cons Brits into believing fake numbers. And that’s how Mr. Johnson leads them out of the EU.”