Metallica Launch Their Own Podcast Based On The Black Album


Metallica have launched their own podcast based on the Black Album.

Titled The Metallica Podcast, the show’s eight episodes will take fans on a journey through the recording and making of their 1991 self titled album, better known as The Black Album. 

With 2021 marking 30 years since the album was first released, Metallica have already released a special reissue of the record, which includes some well known figures of the music industry covering tracks from the album. This will come out on September 10.

These will include Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Sam Fender, Weezer and more. Profits from this reissue will also go towards a range of charities. Other contributors also include Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Biffy Clyro and Phoebe Bridgers. More on this here.

“Taking a look behind the scenes” 

The band posted a trailer video, along with the caption, “We’re starting with eight episodes taking a look behind the scenes at The Black Album. Subscribe for free wherever you like to listen”. 

In the clip fontman James Heitfield can be heard saying “The insanity that we do just to keep our own sanity — people identify with it. And the fact that they know they’re not alone, and we know that we’re not alone, is what makes it all happen for me”. 

Meanwhile, drummer Lars Ulrich can also be heard called the album, “the right combination of songs, the right combination of producer with the right combination of desire, tenacity, lineup of ideas”. 

The video then ends with the narrator revealing that the podcast will be “coming soon”. An official date has yet to be confirmed.

Metallica podcast “coming soon”

Speaking of Weezer, the band shared their cover of Metallica’s track “Enter Sandman” as part of this special reissuing.

Check it out below.

Comedian Billy Bailey also released his own cover of the track.

Another well known Metallica track “Nothing Else Matters” was recently included in the Disney fillm “Jungle Cruise”. Check out Nova’s report on that story here.