Michael Monroe Says Fame Didn’t Ruin Original GNR Members


Guns N’ Roses’ massive success and the celebrity that it brought didn’t spoil axeman Slash or bassist Duff McKagan.

That’s according to Hanoi Rocks frontman, Michael Monroe. The multi-instrumentalist went so far as to claim the rockers, became nicer people down through the years.

 Monroe was speaking to KaaosTV about his upcoming solo record “One Man Gang” and he was quizzed about opening a show for the Guns N’ Roses’ Not In This Lifetime reunion tour.
Monroe revealed via Antimusic the musicians are:

“old friends [and] there’s a documentary in the making of me, which won’t be finished for a while yet, but [Slash and Duff] were kind enough to do an interview, both did separate interviews backstage for the documentary, and they’re sweet guys.”

Monroe cited Slash and McKagan in particular:

“They never changed. Slash and Duff, for example, they’ve got such great character and they’re such sweethearts, and they’ve only gotten nicer over the years. And they never changed, heart of gold and really down to earth. I appreciate that in people”

The singer said that money would never matter when compared to a person’s character:

“To me, the important thing in the whole career was no matter how famous or rich I could become, if I turn into an a**hole in the process and I lost my soul, then none of the money or fame would be worth it; I would have screwed up”.

“That was the first and most important thing. My integrity has to be intact before anything else. Doing things on my own terms, my own way – not compromising for the wrong reasons. That was more important.”

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