Minister Confirms New Personal Injury Guidelines Set To Soon Take Effect

Fine Gael - Helen McEntee T.D. - Minister for Justice

The Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has today confirmed that the personal injury guidelines drawn up and agreed by the Judicial Council will apply from Saturday 24 April.

New personal injury guidelines providing for reduced payouts in most cases will come into effect next week.

The guidelines will apply to applications already made to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) except where an assessment has been made.

The Book of Quantum will continue to apply where PIAB assessments have been made or where a hearing is already before the courts.

Minister McEntee said: “This is a very significant step in meeting our commitment to make insurance more affordable for consumers, businesses and community groups.

The commencement of the personal injuries guidelines should reduce costs, and in time, boost competition in the Irish insurance market.

It is now important that the insurance industry follows through and brings down the cost of insurance.”